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As a house cleaner who serves the Barrie area, we value client relationships and doing the job right the first time.

House Cleaner, Barrie, ONIf you’re looking for a house cleaner, you have several options available to you in the Barrie, Ontario area. However, not all house cleaning companies will offer the same level of service. When you’re entrusting this task to someone else, it’s critical to choose a cleaner who will meet your expectations and keep your home spotless.

At Let Us Clean, our goal is to provide you with quality, thorough house cleaning services. When you let us be your house cleaner in Barrie, Ontario, we can come in and clean your house on a weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, or monthly basis, and clean your kitchen, take out the trash, wipe down your light fixtures, vacuum and mop your floors, and much more. We take pride in offering excellent results without charging a fortune for our cleaning services. No matter what you need done in your home, we’ll perform the tasks and remove all traces of dirt and grime from any of the rooms. We’ll even let your pet out while we’re there if that’s something that would be helpful for you.

The main reason why we think you should hire us as your house cleaner is because we can save you time. Instead of spending your weekends cleaning, you can focus on your family, your hobbies, or anything else on your to-do list. The best part is that we can keep your house clean for an affordable rate. We have a variety of customizable and flexible cleaning schedules available. Depending on your schedule, we can adapt and find a time that works best for you. Some of our clients choose to have us perform light cleaning tasks, while others opt for deep cleaning services, such as thorough cleaning of the bathrooms and kitchens, scrubbing the floors, and clearing out the trash. We can also clean your home when you’re getting ready to move out or clean out a home that you’ve purchased before you move in.

If you have never had a house cleaner from our team come in and clean your home before, the first thing we will do is provide you with an initial clean. During this phase of the cleaning process, we will deeply and thoroughly clean all areas of your home you want us to maintain. In most cases, the initial clean takes anywhere from three to four hours to complete. Once we are done with the initial clean, we will then put you on a regular cleaning schedule of your choice, and the time it takes to clean your house during every appointment will drop significantly.

We’re confident that you’ll be amazed with the cleaning services we provide. Along with cleaning services, our team members provide concierge services to help you tackle smaller errands that are hard to find time to accomplish.

Contact us at Let Us Clean today to find out more about our house cleaning services and how we can help you maintain the cleanliness of your home. We look forward to hearing from you and to forming a long-lasting partnership with you.

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