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Our professional cleaners in Barrie will come up with a cleaning plan for your home that works with your budget and ensures your top priorities are taken care of.

Professional CleanersWith all the things on your busy schedule, dealing with regular household chores can become a burden that’s just too much to handle. Juggling everything else you have on your plate, which may include caring for your family, working long hours, and trying to fit in time with friends, can quickly eat up all the hours in the day. When you fall behind in housework, you may start to feel overwhelmed with the time it would take to clean it thoroughly. This is why, at Let Us Clean, we highly recommend letting our team of professional cleaners come in and clean your home in Barrie, Ontario on a regular basis.

When our professional cleaners clean homes, we don’t simply wipe down surfaces, brush dirt into corners, and do things that make things look clean on the exterior. Rather, we put in the time and the effort to make sure things are really clean, and we will use a proven cleaning process when we clean your home. In fact, our extensive checklist includes just about every square inch of your home. In the kitchen, we’ll wipe down the cupboards, countertops, tables, chairs, baseboards, blinds, and windowsills, polish and clean the sink, and remove any stains from the surfaces. We’ll take care of cleaning hard floors and carpeting, taking out trash, and cleaning all glass. When we clean the bathrooms, we’ll deep clean the sinks, countertops, floors, tubs/showers, and toilets. If you’d like, we can change the linens on the beds and hang fresh towels.

If you have any specific needs in your home, we’ll be happy to take care of your requests. Some of our clients choose to have us do certain tasks, while others opt for an all-over cleaning service more frequently. We can even take care of steaming and ironing your clothes in preparation for the week ahead. If your fridge and freezer could use some TLC, simply ask your professional cleaner to provide a deep cleaning service to remove spills and stains. Additionally, we’re available for seasonal cleaning services four times per year to clear out the dust and debris from the previous season in preparation for the next.

In addition to our detail-oriented processes, there are many other reasons why you should let our professional cleaners take over cleaning your home. For example, we use environmentally friendly practices when we clean homes and offer affordable rates. We also show up on time and respond quickly to customer requests. Our goal is to ease your stress and to leave you with a fresh, clean home every time!

Most importantly, our professional cleaners will come up with a cleaning plan for your home that works with your budget and ensures your top priorities are taken care of. To find out more about our services, our methods, or why you should work with us, get in touch with us at Let Us Clean today. We look forward to hearing from you and to going above and beyond your expectations!

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