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When we clean homes in the Barrie area, we use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

At Let Us Clean, we take pride in the fact that our cleaning services are competitively priced and that they can be customized based on the needs of our clients. One more thing that truly sets our cleaning services apart is that they are complemented by environmentally friendly cleaning products and practices.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning in Barrie, Ontario

Why You Should Turn to Us

When we provide you with environmentally friendly cleaning services, we will bring all of our own products and supplies. All of the supplies that we use are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable. For example, in kitchens and bathrooms, we use vinegar and water. In all other rooms, we use an environmentally friendly concentrate that can safely be used on wood.

While the environmentally friendly cleaning products set our cleaning services in Barrie apart, there are many other reasons for you to turn to us. First and foremost, we care about doing a thorough job. Using environmentally friendly solutions, we leave your home fresh and clean every time, so you come home from work, school, or running errands to a home that’s cleaner than when you left it.

Second, we provide our environmentally friendly cleaning services at an affordable price. You shouldn’t have to pay a small fortune to clean your home, and we make this happen. The best part is that just because our services are cost-effective doesn’t mean they’re subpar in any way. In fact, we know you’ll be blown away by the quality of our cleaning services from the very start!

Get More Out of Our Cleaning Services

In order for you to get the most out of environmentally friendly cleaning services, there are a few things we ask you to do before we come and clean your home or business. These include:

Clear away any clutter that could get in the way of us cleaning your home or business’ surfaces.
Move furniture away from hard-to-reach areas that you would like us to clean.
Let us know if there are any specialty cleaning products you want us to use while we clean.
Notify us if you would like us to let your pet go outside while we do the cleaning.
Provide us with a time you would like us to come and clean your home.
We also want you to tell us if your environmentally friendly cleaning needs change. For example, if you want us to do a more thorough and extensive clean before you have company for the week, let us know. We’ll adapt our cleaning plans to your needs whenever we can for results you’re more than satisfied with.

Reach Out to Us Today

We care about leaving your home clean without using harmful, toxic chemicals. This is what makes our cleaning services stand out, and we can’t wait to tell you more!

At Let Us Clean, our environmentally friendly cleaning services are available to homes and businesses in Barrie, Ontario and the surrounding area. If you want to know more about why our cleaning services are beneficial, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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