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Our residential cleaning services in Barrie use safe cleaning products and are good for your family and the planet.

Residential Cleaning in Barrie, OntarioResidential cleaning services are one of those things that many busy families are turning to in order to balance out responsibilities with having some fun. It is common for couples to both work outside the home these days, and it becomes challenging to handle all the tasks that the spouse who used to stay home used to take care of. When you try to keep up with things at home the same way, it can become stressful and leave you wondering when there will ever be time to enjoy doing things with your family.

At Let Us Clean, we have the solution for that. Our professional residential cleaning services in Barrie, Ontario take the stress off you, so you can have a clean home and still have time to enjoy it and your family. We can take care of full residential cleaning, or just those tasks you find it hard to get around to. We customize your service to meet your needs, including the frequency with which we take care of the residential cleaning for you.

We can do everything from a weekly cleaning to seasonal cleaning. Sometimes having someone take care of the deep cleaning four times a year is enough to give you the break you need. You can easily transition from that plan to regular cleaning, as well.

In addition to saving you time, since we supply all the cleaning supplies, you won’t have to shop for or pay for those, either. We only use environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable cleaning products, which are safer for your family and the planet. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment to take care of your initial residential cleaning and answer any questions you may have.

Common Questions About Our Residential Cleaning Services

Are you interested in hiring someone to clean your house instead of trying to do it all yourself? We’ve answered a few questions about our house cleaning services below to help you determine if we’re the right residential cleaning provider for you.

What cleaning supplies do you use?

We use environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and non-toxic cleaning products when we clean homes. These products are safer for your family and the planet, and they do a great job sanitizing and thoroughly cleaning surfaces.

Why should I hire you to clean my house?

We’ll do a thorough job cleaning your home and listen to any special instructions you provide. We also carefully vet and train our house cleaning professionals and require them to be friendly and professional while cleaning houses.

What are some benefits of hiring a house cleaner?

One of the main benefits of having us clean your house is all the time you’ll save. No longer will you need to dedicate your evenings and weekends to staying on top of cleaning your house.

How often can you clean my home?

We can clean your home as often as you want! We clean some houses on a weekly basis ,while others we clean bi-weekly or monthly. We also do seasonal cleaning, so we can come in at the start of every season to give your home a deep clean.

How do I schedule a cleaning appointment?

Schedule us to come and clean your house by giving us a call! We’re excited to hear from you and to start cleaning your house.