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We can make your next move far less stressful with our move-in cleaning services for the Barrie area.

Move-in Cleaning in Barrie, OntarioMoving into a new residence, whether it is a home or an apartment, is a labour-intensive chore. You have packing and unpacking, dealing with utilities and address changes, and you may also find that your new home was not left as clean as you would have liked. At Let Us Clean we can’t take care of all the tasks, but with our move-in cleaning services in Barrie, Ontario, we can make your move-in day a bit brighter.

It is not uncommon for a vacating resident to do a minimal job with cleaning before they leave. After all, they are going through the same thing you are – too much to do and too little time to do it. Even if they were to have the time, they might not use the type of cleaning products that you prefer. If you prefer to use non-toxic cleaning products, you’ll be happy to know that is all we use for move-in cleaning. All our products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, so they are safe for your family and pets.

Not only can we schedule your move-in cleaning, but we can also follow up with a second cleaning after you get settled in because, after all, unpacking can take up quite a bit of your time, as well, and moving in can create a bit of a mess. Wouldn’t it be nice to have at least one thing that you don’t have to worry about during your move? Let Us Clean for you and make your next move far less stressful.


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