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Let us make your next move easier!

While it is exciting to enter a new stage of your life when you are relocating, the work that goes into moving is far from fun. Depending on your household size and number of belongings, packing alone can take many hours and a lot of energy. If with all that, you have nothing left to give and the idea of cleaning the home you are moving to or leaving is something you aren’t relishing, call us at Let Us Clean to learn about our move cleaning services.

Move Cleaning, Midhurst, ON

  • Move-Out Cleaning – If you are leaving a rental unit, the property owner expects you to leave it clean and in good condition. If you don’t, it is likely they will charge you a cleaning fee. You will find that our move cleaning services are usually more affordable than what they will charge, as they’ll hire a service and then tack on a percentage for their time and effort to procure them. Another way to utilize our cleaning services is during the time you are packing, so you can focus on that and still have a clean home. This is a good option if your house is on the market and showings are going on during your packing process.
  • Move-In Cleaning – It isn’t unusual for the last tenant or owner to not clean the property as well as you might like. In addition, they may have used harsh cleaners that you don’t want your family to be subjected to. Call on us, and we’ll perform your move-in cleaning with environmentally friendly products and make your home spic-and-span. We can also perform cleaning while you are getting moved in and unpacked, since you’ll have your hands full already.

If you would like to know more about our move cleaning and other services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We look forward to helping your move in the Midhurst, Ontario area go smoother!

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