3 Ways to Speed Up Your Move-Out Cleaning

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When you are moving, you will often experience increased levels of stress. Moving is a difficult time for many people, even if the move is a positive one that they are looking forward to. If you are moving from a rental, you almost always will be required to leave it clean and in its original condition in order to get your deposit back. This means that along with making all the moving decisions and packing and loading, you’ll also be in charge of heavy-duty move-out cleaning. Here at Let Us Clean, we are experts at all types of cleaning, including move-out cleaning, and we have a few tips to help you speed up your move-out cleaning.

3 Ways to Speed Up Your Move-Out Cleaning

1.  Pack your cleaning supplies together. While this one might seem obvious, you’d be surprised how many people get ready to do their move-out cleaning and realize they packed and stored their cleaners with bathroom or kitchen boxes. When you begin packing, create a separate space for cleaners of every kind and put them all together so you can easily access them during move-out cleaning. Don’t forget to pack some garbage bags as well!

2.  Wait to clean until everything is empty. Whenever possible, wait until all the boxes have been loaded and cleared out to start your move-out cleaning. It is so much easier and faster to clean out things like showers, bathrooms, cabinets and fridges when they are empty!

3.  Hire experts. Move-out cleaning is something that is hard to muster up the energy for after a move, and experts might help you return more of your deposit than your lackluster cleaning efforts. If you need to move along with your items, hiring experts for your move-out cleaning might be in your best interest.