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As spring quickly arrives, you’ll want to start thinking about spring cleaning. Spring cleaning may be a task that many dread. However, spring cleaning can be very beneficial to keep your home in order. Here are 5 spring cleaning tips to consider.

5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Consider

  1. Make a Checklist – Spring cleaning can be overwhelming to many, so start by making a list of all the tasks you wish to complete and then tackle your list one task at a time. Making a checklist will give you a good idea of what all needs to be done and how long it may take you.
  2. Declutter – Do you have items you no longer use that have been sitting in your closet for months? Unless they’re seasonal items, consider purging items you no longer put to use. We recommended donating your items to charity or the thrift store.
  3. Work Top to Bottom – After you make your checklist, order your items from top to bottom. If you don’t work top to bottom you could be cleaning items twice. For example, if you clean your floors and then you dust, or clean your countertops, your floors could get dirty again.
  4. Air Quality – When spring cleaning you should also consider the cleanliness of your air quality. Replacing your HVAC and furnace filters with a higher quality filter can give you quality air as we enter spring and allergies arise.
  5. Don’t Forget These Items – There are certain items that you can easily overlook but make a big impact on your home’s cleanliness. Don’t forget to clean the inside and outside surfaces of your windows, your walls, baseboards, and light fixtures.

5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Consider

We hope these tips will set you up for a successful spring cleaning. If you have any questions regarding spring cleaning, and the services we provide, please contact us today at Let Us Clean!