Are Eco-Friendly Cleaners Effective?

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You will find it difficult to find someone who doesn’t like having a clean house! Not only is a clean house a house that looks and feels better, but it can also lead to a healthier house since there won’t be superfluous amounts of dirt, dust, grime and germs around to infect your household. However, finding the right cleaners and the right amount of time to get your clean house might be one of your biggest issues.

Are Eco-Friendly Cleaners Effective?

When it comes to cleansers, many of us are worried not just about the amount of dirt or germs that are in our homes, but also what is in those cleaners. We want to protect the environment from harsh, carcinogenic chemicals, but we also want to get cleaners that are effective. If you are looking at cleaners, you might be wondering, “Are eco-friendly cleaners effective?” The short answer? Yes.

Most cleaners have either ammonia or bleach as their main cleaning ingredients, both of which are very effective at both killing germs and cutting through grime. They are equally unkind to the environment, however. Eco-friendly cleaners are usually citrus or vinegar-based, sometimes with a washing soda or other eco-friendly additive like a citrus oil. These eco-friendly cleaner products usually will require a bit more time or scrubbing to get the same results, but they are equally capable of making your home clean and safe.

In addition to the cleansers themselves, many people opt to choose re-useable cleaning materials rather than disposable ones, such as cloth rags instead of paper towels or disposable wipes. At Let Us Clean, we choose eco-friendly cleaner solutions to ensure your property is clean and in-line with your environmental goals.