Deep House Cleaning vs. Everyday House Cleaning

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Everyday cleaning involves traditional cleaning chores that you do daily to keep your home livable. This could be wiping counters and appliances, taking out the trash, and general dusting and tidying. Most of us are in the routine of doing everyday cleaning regularly, but deep house cleaning is a different story.

Deep House Cleaning vs. Everyday House Cleaning

Deep house cleaning includes heavy cleaning chores that cannot be done quickly. Typically, deep house cleaning can be categorized by rooms in your home. We’ve listed some cleaning jobs below that are typical of deep house cleaning:

  • Kitchen: Moving appliances to clean behind them, scrubbing backsplashes and cabinets, cleaning and organizing inside cabinets and drawers, and cleaning and organizing the pantry area.
  • Bathroom: Cleaning baseboards, scrubbing tile and grout lines, cleaning faucets and other fixtures, and thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting around the toilet’s base.
  • General: Cleaning vents and vent covers, cleaning windows and window sills and tracks, shampooing carpets, and sanitizing trash cans.

A deep house cleaning is an excellent “starter” cleaning to have done to your home if you are hiring a cleaning service. This leaves all the most challenging work to the professionals and gives you a great starting point to maintain a clean home. A professional cleaner will also know the best cleaning methods for the different areas of your home, providing a more thorough clean. Our team at Let Us Clean can answer any questions regarding the deep house cleaning process. Call us today to schedule a service!