Is Spring Cleaning Still Necessary?

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Did you know that the practice of spring cleaning has been around for centuries? There are many religious and cultural origins credited with this practice, such as the Jewish custom to perform general cleaning before Passover to be sure all yeast has been removed from the home. Another historical contributor is the holiday Nowruz that occurs on the first day of spring, which includes a thorough cleaning during its 13-day celebration.

Is Spring Cleaning Still Necessary?

Necessity was a huge factor in why spring cleaning continued through the ages. When the home was shut up for the winter and heated with coal or wood fires, the home became very sooty. Spring cleaning was needed to rectify this. Today, our homes are heated with gas or electric, which doesn’t produce the smoke and soot, so do you still need to do spring cleaning? The simple answer is yes.

We may not have soot, but we do have plenty of other contaminants. Our homes are even more airtight than those in the past, which allows a buildup of chemicals that those of long ago never had to worry about. Everything you bring into your home comes with things you would be better off without and spring cleaning can resolve that.

To this day, spring cleaning is a very involved process. Even though in the old days there was soot to be concerned about, homes were generally smaller and families had fewer belongings and furnishings. All things considered, your spring cleaning plan could be more than you want to deal with. If that is the case, give us a call at Let Us Clean. We can transform your home while you enjoy the beauty of emergence from winter. We serve the Barrie, Ontario area with quality spring cleaning services using environmentally friendly products. Contact us today to learn more!