Top Tasks to Complete for Spring Cleaning

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There are some cleaning tasks that you need to complete frequently. These include day-to-day tasks like doing the dishes, vacuuming, dusting, and laundry. You likely keep up with these tasks on a daily or weekly basis as needed. However, sometimes you need to take your cleaning up a notch and do a deep clean of your home.

Spring cleaning is a common way to tackle a deep clean.

Spring cleaning is a common way to tackle a deep clean. As you enter a new season at the close of winter, it is a great feeling to air out the house and start spring fresh and clean. What items are the most important to tackle during a deep spring cleaning? Here are a few of our top suggestions:

  • Windows: Be sure to dust and clean the blinds in your home. You may also wish to tackle window sills to keep windows looking bright. Washing the interior and exterior of your windows will finish off the spring cleaning work.
  • Floors: You probably clean floors frequently by sweeping or vacuuming. However, a deep clean requires that you also clean baseboards to get rid of excess dust. You can round it off with a carpet cleaning to give your flooring a “like new” look.
  • Fixtures: You should also be sure to dust and wash light fixtures to get a good clean.

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