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$25 Off Your First Clean

Let us help maintain the cleanliness of your home. Contact us today!

Professional Cleaning ServiceNeed someone to help you with general house cleaning?

At Let Us Clean, you can rely on us to help you:

✔  Clean your bathroom

✔  Mop your floor

✔  Dust your front room

✔  And more

Take advantage of our offer: $25 Discount on Your First Clean*

* Book a minimum 2-hour clean with 3 girls to receive your first-time customer discount.

Let us show you what a difference our cleaning service will make in your home.
Take us up on this first-time discount for a 2-hour clean today!

✔  At Let Us Clean, we pride ourselves on the thoroughness of our cleaning services.

✔  We ensure the affordability of our services.

✔  We also use environmentally friendly processes & products when we clean homes.

✔  We’re confident that you will be 100% satisfied with our services.

We know that if you try our cleaning service, you’ll love it!

Fill out our contact form to book your first clean.

Let Us Clean reserves the right to limit or discontinue this offer at anytime. Payment must be made at the time of your appointment to receive this offer.